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Japanese Restaurant in Kuwait


The philosophy behind Izakaya -Kuwait is to deliver an authentic flavor of the East whilst respecting the traditions of the past. Our sublime menu is designed to introduce you to the many different flavors of Japanese cuisine contrasting French and local tastes.

In much of Japan the Izakaya is a well-loved part of the social urban landscape, like a pub in London. Though many Izakaya exists in Tokyo, the term is hard to pin down. "Pub", the most common translation, does not give justice for the place's culinary possibilities. It describes a place where you can pop by for a drink and catch up with gossip.

Indeed eating in Tokyo often has something of the tapas spirit about it: a number of small dishes that can be ordered in consequential fashion as the mood takes you. Izakaya-Kuwait brings you these unique experiences, mixing the contemporary tastes in a pub-like atmosphere.

Izakaya is opened only for private functions of 6 persons or more in addition to a Jazz night every Tuesdsay. A 24 hours in advance booking is required.

Located in Al-Beda'a above Wasabi - 22253133

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